About Us

Reese, aka reester10

Your Bro Map Cartographer

I've been a redditor for around two years now. When I found the gaybros sub, I immediately felt at home. The topics, the discussion, the fun... it was the perfect community for someone like me, and spoke to my interests a lot more than many other gay-related subs.

After a while, I saw an abundance of topics about "Hey, anyone from _______?" on a daily basis, and thought to myself, "Hey, gaymers have a map, why don't the bros?" And it was brought to my attention that there once was a map, but it was slow and not very easy to use. I knew the functionality had to be simple, and I had more than enough experience in web development to come up with something simple. And thus, The Bro Map was born.

As for myself, I'm a 26 year old gay man/bro/guy living in the wonderful state of Colorado, a move that truly changed my life. I became active, I am much more fit than ever before, and I've met some amazing people. I found a job in IT with a great company that really values diversity, inclusion, honesty and integrity. I don't know where life will take me, but I do know I'm pretty happy right now.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to send them to me by messaging me on reddit. Or, you know, you can just send me a message to chat. I'm a pretty solid guy :).

Psst. Hey bro. Yea, you. You're awesome. Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise.
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