Login Issues Fixed

Posted on September 7, 2014, by reester10.

Reddit changed their API requirements that my client was not utilizing sooooo the map has probably been broken for a while, but wasn't brought to my attention until yesterday (actually a few weeks ago but shhh). However, it's now working. I apologize if this inconvenienced you in any way, shape or form. Don't hate me. ALSO: If you authenticate and it comes back with a blank user name or shows a '<' as your username, let me know. It was affecting less than 1% of people before but that is what it was doing before I just fixed it.

TheBroMap.com - Officially Offical

Posted on December 31, 2013, by reester10.

So... after two months, two redesigns, some code tweaking, and a mid-life crisis later (kind-of sort-of, but not really), I can finally say that the bro map is OFFICIALLY done. Well, almost. Minus the mod tools and some reporting features, the site is done. In the meantime, authenticate with reddit, add yourself to the map, and find your local bros!

There are some features that don't work for the time being, or I may have to take down if someone breaks it again. An abundance of names with special characters in the original alpha version of the site broke the map, so until I can run through and write up the code, please be gentle using non-standard characters. The anonymous functionality is also not working, but is the next thing on the list to be implemented.

If you have any suggestions or any issues with adding yourself to the map (or anything at all), feel free to send them to me by messaging me on reddit. I respond quickly.

Psst. Hey bro. Yea, you. You're awesome. Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise.
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